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Next Steps for Presenters

Thank you for offering to share your expertise and passions with our members and the community. We look forward to learning from you.

The Society will need a few things from you to help coordinate and market the event.  Please read through each of the categories (Financial, CME, Recording Release and Marketing) listed below: 

Financial Forms
If you are receiving an honorarium or compensation, the following documentation is needed: 

  • W-9 (linked) completed by presenters who are US residents being paid over $600 USD. The Society will file a 1099 form with the IRS and provide you a copy for tax purposes. Please use the SignNow link provided to digitally complete and sign this form. 
  • W-8BEN completed by non US residents. 
  • If you will be paid less than $600, you can choose to either complete a W-9 or email your name (as you want it written on your check) and address to Denise at Payments of less than $600 in a calendar year are not reported to the IRS.
Continuing Medical Education (CME) Forms

The Society works with APsA and ACCME to provide CME for many of our programs. CMEs can be used for all licensure requirements of Colorado mental health professionals. We believe this provides an essential benefit to both our members and the local mental health community and strive to offer credit for as many of our programs as possible. In order to offer CME credit, we do need the help of our presenters, lecturers, teachers and discussants to complete and return the following forms to the Society office at least 2 months prior to the event:  

  • Financial Relationship Disclosure (link). The completion of this form is required by all presenters who help us offer CME credit for their program. Please click the hyperlink to digitally sign this form through SignNow.
  • CME Planning Form (Word Document for 2023-2024). This form is an abridged version for presenters (please contact to see the full form). Adhering to the instructions along the left-hand side of the planning form, please complete the sections highlighted in yellow. We are here to help with the process, so please don't hesitate to reach out to your Society contact and ask for assistance. In some instances, if you provide your educational objectives and syllabus/references, we may be able to complete the planning form on your behalf. 

If you feel that offering CME credit is not right for your event, please discuss this with your Society contact! We are happy to work with you to help everyone involved get the most out of your presentation, class or discussion!

Recording Release Form
Videos of past events are currently available to both Society members and nonmembers. As a benefit of membership, Society members are able to view most recorded programs free on our website (Login required). For nonmembers, rentals of past event videos are available at a small fee to help offset the costs (Secure link provided after email verification). Recording is optional.

  • Recording Release: This is optional. Please use the SignNow link provided to digitally complete and sign this form.

Marketing Information
To advertise the event well, we need just a bit more information! If you choose to complete a CME Planning Form, we can take much of the marketing information from there. If not, we'll need all the information listed below. Items marked with an asterisk can be taken from a completed CME form. Unless otherwise noted, please send the information below by email, Word or PDF to

  • Title*
  • Date*
  • Description/Summary of the event*
  • Biography* 
  • Headshot (.jpg or .png image file)

We encourage everyone to share our event information with others. To stay in compliance, we do ask that the proper CME disclosures be added to any marketing material that is shared. If you have questions, please email the Society office.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Society contact or the Society office. It is currently best to reach us by email at:

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