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Herbert S. Gaskill Award

The Herbert S. Gaskill, M.D. Award was established by the Denver Psychoanalytic Society to recognize scholarly writing by a candidate, PTP student, resident, or medical student on the psychoanalytic aspects of a topic of interest.  Award recipient must be a Society member, or student, candidate or faculty member of the Denver Institute of Psychoanalysis.  It is presented in honor of Dr. Herbert Gaskill, who was instrumental in bringing psychoanalytic education to Denver. He was a founding member and President of the Denver Psychoanalytic Society, Director of the Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine, and President of the American Psychoanalytic Association. The award includes a certificate and cash prize of $500 for the best paper written on a psychoanalytic subject. The paper should explore the psychoanalytic aspects of an area of interest, and constitute more than a patient case report. The requested length is 15 to 20 double-spaced pages, including references. Reference and in-text citation style should follow that of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Deadline for submission of final drafts is April 15th each year.

Herbert S. Gaskill Award Recipients

 Year Recipient
 1981E. Earlene Dal Pozzo, M.D.
 1982Theodore J. Gaensbauer, M.D.
 1984David Weiss, M.D.
 Marita J. Keeling, M.D.
 1985Elissa Ball, M.D.
 Harold P. Martin, M.D.
  Robert B. Clyman, M.D.
1989 Glenn Lovelance
 Cinda Liggon
 Michael G. Moran, M.D.
 1990Carol A. Stamm
 1995Holly Bergoff
 1996David Hutcheson-Tipton
 1998Shoshana Adler, Ph.D.
 1999Ann Sartori, Psy.D.
2002Patricia A. Bernstein, Psy.D.
 2008Gerald S. Stein, M.D.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is given to Society members in appreciation of their many hours of service, hard work, and dedication to the mission of the Society. Their commitment is essential for our success as a volunteer-driven organization, and we are deeply grateful for their service.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

 Year Recipient
 2008 Margy Stewart, Psy.D.
 2009 Richard B. Cattell, M.D.
 2010 Joan Heron, LCSW
  Patricia Higgins, MSW
  Pam Haglund, Psy.D.
  Florie Lehrburger, LCSW
  Cindy Brody, LCSW
  Lorrie Schroffel, LCSW
  Ron Langer, LCSW
 2011 Mary Ann Levy, M.D.
2017 Rex McGehee, M.D.
 2018 Paula Bernstein, Ph.D.
  William Bernstein, M.D.
 2019 Linda Plaut, LCSW
 2021 Nancy Bell, LCSW
 2022 Dana Charatan, Psy.D.
  Tony Miles, Ph.D.
  Stephanie Peterson, L.P.C.
2023  Tom Avery, LCSW
  Margy Stewart, PsyD

Geoffrey B. Heron Diversity in Psychoanalysis Award

Established in 2017, The Geoffrey B. Heron Diversity in Psychoanalysis Award is presented to that member of the Denver Psychoanalytic Society who most exemplifies Geoff's commitment to the inclusion of all persons, no matter their race, ethnicity, and religion, and regardless of their economic, immigration, gender, or sexual orientation status.

It was Geoff's humanistic and egalitarian conviction that the extraordinary benefits of psychoanalytic therapy and psychoanalytic education should be available to any and all individuals.

Geoffrey B. Heron Diversity in Psychoanalysis Award Recipients

 Year  Recipient
 2017  Claire Zilber, MD

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