Denver Psychoanalytic Society & Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis Awards

Herbert S. Gaskill Award

The Herbert S. Gaskill, M.D. Award was established by the Denver Psychoanalytic Society to recognize scholarly writing by a candidate, PTP student, resident, or medical student on the psychoanalytic aspects of a topic of interest.  Award recipient must be a Society member, or student, candidate or faculty member of the Denver Institute of Psychoanalysis.  It is presented in honor of Dr. Herbert Gaskill, who was instrumental in bringing psychoanalytic education to Denver. He was a founding member and President of the Denver Psychoanalytic Society, Director of the Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine, and President of the American Psychoanalytic Association. The award includes a certificate and cash prize of $500 for the best paper written on a psychoanalytic subject. The paper should explore the psychoanalytic aspects of an area of interest, and constitute more than a patient case report. The requested length is 15 to 20 double-spaced pages, including references. Reference and in-text citation style should follow that of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Deadline for submission of final drafts is April 15th each year.


1981 E. Earlene Dal Pozzo, M.D.

1982 Theodore J. Gaensbauer, M.D.

1984 David Weiss, M.D.; Marita J. Keeling, M.D.

1985 Elissa Ball, M.D.; Harold P. Martin, M.D.; Robert B. Clyman, M.D.

1989 Glenn Lovelance; Cinda Liggon; Michael G. Moran, M.D.

1990 Carol A. Stamm

1996 David Hutcheson-Tipton

1998 Shoshana Adler, Ph.D.

1999 Ann Sartori, Psy.D.

2002 Patricia A. Bernstein, Psy.D.

2008 Gerald S. Stein, M.D.

Brandt F. Steele Award

The Brandt F. Steele, M.D. Award was established in 1997 by The Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis to honor Dr. Steel’s life-long intellectual curiosity and interest in early childhood development. The recipients of the award are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in the areas of teaching, research, and community service. Dr. Steele passed away on January 19, 2005 at the age of 97.


1997 Brandt F. Steele, M.D.

1998 Jill M. Miller, Ph.D.

1999 Paula P Bernstein, Ph.D. and Michael G. Moran, M.D.

2000 Laurence B. Hall, M.D. and David W. Stevens, Ph.D.

2001 Mary Ann Levy, M.D. and E. Earlene Dal Pozzo, M.D.

2002 Jacob Jacobson, M.D. and Leslie Jordan, Ph.D.

2003 Robert Emde, M.D. and Mark Wolny, L.C.S.W.

2004 David Hurst, M.D. and Steve Shulruff, M.D.

2005 Richard Simons, M.D. and Theodore Gaensbauer, M.D.

2006 Calvern Narcisi, M.D.

2007 Rex H. McGehee, M.D. and Gary C. Martin, M.D.

2008 I. Gene Schwarz, M.D.

2009 Frederick W. Mimmack, M.D.

2010 William E. Bernstein, M.D. and Samuel Wagonfeld, M.D.

2011 Rhoda A. Singer, M.D.

2012 Ronnie M. Shaw, APRN, BC

2013 Anastasia C. Keller, M.D.

2014 Cynthia Rose, M.D.

​2015 Margy Stewart, Psy.D.

2016 Roy Lowenstein, M.D. and Esther Lowenstein, Psy.D.
2017 Geoffrey Heron, M.D. (posthumous)
2018 Shoshana Adler, Ph.D.
2019 Barbara Redinger, Ph.D.
2020 Stacy Fry, Psy.D.

John D. Benjamin Award

The John D. Benjamin, M.D. Award was established by The Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis and the Denver Psychoanalytic Society to commemorate Dr. John D. Benjamin’s lifelong commitment to the advancement of child psychoanalysis and his pioneering interest in child development. Dr. Benjamin was a psychiatrist at the University of Colorado School of Medicine from 1935 to 1965, and conducted pioneering research in child development in conjunction with the Department of Pediatrics. This award is given to someone who has demonstrated a commitment to child development and the mental health needs of children. The recipient need not be a Society member.


1999 Rochelle Dworet, M.D.

2008 Ronnie M. Shaw, M.S., R.N., C.S./APRN, BC

2020 Benjamin Green, M.D.

Robert Emde Award

The Robert Emde Scientific Advancement Award was established in 2005 in recognition of Dr. Robert Emde's outstanding accomplishments and commitment to the advancement of psychoanalysis as a science. Papers will be judged for contribution to the scientific advancement of psychoanalysis. A cash award of $500 accompanies this honor.


2005 Robert N. Emde, M.D.

2016 Theodore Gaensbauer, M.D.
2020 Leslie Jordan, Ph.D.

The Paula and William Bernstein Award for Excellence in Teaching & Supervision

The Paula and William Bernstein Award for Excellence in Teaching & Supervision was established in 2021 in recognition of Drs. William E. and Paula P. Bernstein's outstanding commitment to the teaching of psychoanalysis.  A cash award of $500 accompanies this honor.


2020 William Bernstein, M.D. (posthumous)

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