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The Denver Psychoanalytic Society

The Denver Psychoanalytic Society is a multipurpose organization whose goals include advancing professional education, and sponsoring and disseminating the results of research in psychoanalysis and related disciplines. A great deal of our time, energy and resources are focused on outreach to the community at large in the form of education, consultation and clinical services.

Some of our activities have included:

  • Scientific Programs offered monthly free of charge to the community
  • Continuing Education for mental health professionals
  • Special programs for parents, teachers, lawyers and doctors
  • ProBono consultation with public and private school personnel
  • The Denver Psychoanalytic Society Newsletter offered free of charge to the community

Contemporary psychoanalysts and psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapists study broad fields such as relational theory, attachment theory, systems theory, infant research, and child development – all having to do with how we become who we are and live our everyday lives. In addition, our members have a wide range of professional and personal interests, including research in a variety of psychological areas, as well as in pharmacology and neurobiology. Analytic therapists vary widely in their points of view and the style in which they work with their patients, making for lively discourse within the field, and for continuous improvement in therapeutic technique.

Current Executive Committee 

President: Lynne Gillick, PhD, FABP
President-Elect: Larry Mortazavi, MD
Treasurer: Nancy Bell, LCSW
Secretary: Tony Miles, PhD

Current Committee Chairs 

Awards: Appointed as needed
Bylaws: Margy Stewart, PsyD
Colleague Assistance (Inactive): Rachel Norwood, MD
Continuing Education:  Stephanie Peterson, RN, LPN
Diversity in Psychoanalysis: Sangeeta Patel, MD
                                         & Jennifer Perlman, PsyD
Film: Tom Avery, LCSW
Fundraising (Inactive): TBD 
Membership: Kelly Crim, LPC, NCC
Newsletter Panel: Appointed as needed
Program: Bernie Daina, PhD
Salon Program: N
ancy Bell, LCSW
School Outreach: Shoshana Shapiro Adler, PhD

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