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Video Rental: Interpretation in a Changing Landscape featuring Howard Levine, MD

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This video contains the morning session from the conference that was intended for mental health professionals interested in the interpretive process. In regard to what we might interpret, what we hope that our interpretations will do and our assumptions about the very epistemological ground on which we stand, our understanding of the psyche, language, therapeutic action and much, much more has shifted seismically. This paper will begin to address the complexity revealed by this shift and some of the implications and changes for our understanding of interpretation and the interpretive process, especially when working with patients and psychic organizations that lay beyond neurosis. The video recording of this conference will be available to renters for a 1-week period. The video will be shared by email, so be sure your email address is listed accurately. Please read all emails thoroughly for instructions since there are a few steps involved in the rental process.
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