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Video Rental: Into the Mind of the Psychoanalyst: When the Personal Becomes Professional featuring Steven Kuchuck, DSW

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The DPS hosted Steven Kuchuck, DSW on 11/13/2021 for a conference titled, "Into the Mind of the Psychoanalyst: When the Personal Becomes Professional." Conference Description: - Session I: Theoretical and Clinical Perspectives on Analyst Boredom: Deadness, Aliveness, and the Spaces in Between This presentation will explore traditional as well as much more contemporary thinking about the meaning of clinician boredom. Dr. Kuchuck argues that boredom can of course indicate dissociated or otherwise inaccessible patient and/or therapist affect. But there may be something about the normative clinical encounter that engenders these states more often than we care to admit. The deadened analyst’s resultant shame, guilt and other complex feelings will be explored via extensive theory and clinical material. Session II: Sex and Love on the Upper East Side: Entrances and Exits in Middle-Age Although my patient entered treatment in his later years, he was very much searching for the boy he had not yet been while on his way to becoming a man. It was only recently that he came to accept a truth he had been running from for years. Banished by his parents and society, sexuality had been forced underground for most of his life. His—our—tale is one of loss, painful longing, and ultimately a permanence of a sort that hadn’t been anticipated by either of us. The video recording of this conference will be available to renters for a 1 week period. The video will be shared by email, so please be sure your email address is listed accurately. There are a few steps involved in the rental process, so please read all emails thoroughly for instructions.
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