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Video Rental: The Erotic Self: Bringing Self-Psychology and Freud Together featuring John Riker, PhD (for NON DPS Members)

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The DPS hosted Dr. John Riker on 11/6/2020 for a lecture titled, "The Erotic Self: Bringing Self-Psychology and Freud Together." MEMBERS CAN ACCCESS THIS VIDEO FOR FREE ON THE MEMBER PORTION OF THE WEBSITE. Lecture Description: Dr. Riker will show why the energy that vitalizes unconscious self structure needs to be thought of as eros and how the self speaks through what he terms "erotic eruptions." Dr. Riker will describe psychological dynamics in which there are strong tensions between the ego, the body, ingested social codes, and the self, and describe how one can tell what is pressuring one, so that they might determine the importance of those motivations. Along the way, Dr. Riker will weave together Plato, Freud, and Kohut into a novel picture of the human soul. The video recording of this lecture will be available to renters for one week. The video will be shared by email, so please be sure your email address is listed accurately. There are a few steps involved in the rental process, so please read all emails thoroughly for instructions.
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