Denver Psychoanalytic Society

The Denver Psychoanalytic Society is a multipurpose organization whose goals include advancing professional education, and sponsoring and disseminating the results of research in psychoanalysis and related disciplines. A great deal of our time, energy and resources are focused on outreach to the community at large in the form of education, consultation and clinical services.

Some of our activities have included:

  • Scientific Programs offered monthly free of charge to the entire community
  • Continuing Education for mental health professionals
  • Special programs for parents, teachers, lawyers and doctors
  • ProBono consultation with public and private school personnel
  • The Denver Psychoanalytic Society Newsletter offered free of charge to the community

Contemporary psychoanalysts and psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapists study broad fields such as relational theory, attachment theory, systems theory, infant research, and child development – all having to do with how we become who we are and live our everyday lives. In addition, our members have a wide range of professional and personal interests, including research in a variety of psychological areas, as well as in pharmacology and neurobiology. Analytic therapists vary widely in their points of view and the style in which they work with their patients, making for lively discourse within the field, and for continuous improvement in therapeutic technique.

Current Executive Committee 

President: Lynne Gillick, Ph.D.
President-Elect: Larry Mortazavi, M.D.
Treasurer: Nancy Bell, LCSW
Secretary: Tony Miles, Ph.D.

Current Committee Chairs 

Awards: - Appointed as needed
Bylaws: Margy Stewart, Psy.D.
Colleague Assistance: Rachel Norwood, M.D. (Inactive)
Continuing Education:  Stephanie Peterson, RN, LPC
Diversity in Psychoanalysis: Sangeeta Patel, MD & Jennifer Perlman, Psy.D.
Film: Tom Avery, LCSW
Fundraising: TBD (Inactive)
Membership: Kelly Crim, LPC, NCC
Newsletter Panel: Appointed as needed
School Consultation: Shoshana Adler, Ph.D.
Program: Dana Charatan, Psy.D.
Salon Program: Nancy Bell, LCSW

Society Programs & Community Involvement

Scientific Programs

Scientific programs include lectures, films, and salons with psychoanalytic perspectives and presented by psychoanalytic speakers. All are free to the public, unless you are requesting CME credits in which case there is a fee. Information for these events is listed on the Events page.

Lecture Series

The Lecture Series begins at 7:00 PM on selected Fridays. Attendees listen to psychoanalytic topics followed by questions and discussions. This series may take place virtually using Zoom or in-person; see event details for information. Registration is required. CME credit may be available.

Film Series

The Film series begins at 6:30 PM on selected Fridays. This past year, attendees were asked to view a major motion picture prior to the event so the evening could be spent in discussion. This series may take place virtually using Zoom or in-person; see event details for information.  Registration is required. CME credit may be available.

Salon Series

The Salon series begins at 7:15 PM and is held in the homes of various Society members or virtually using Zoom. These informal gatherings cover psychoanalytically and psychodynamically oriented topics of general interest. Registration is required. Location address or Zoom link will be emailed to registrants 24 hours prior to the event. 

Continuing Education

Continuing Education courses, workshops, and conferences are offered to mental health professionals. Courses vary in topic, hours and fees. Further information, when available, will be posted on the events page.

Diversity in Psychoanalysis

The Diversity in Psychoanalysis Committee offers book discussion groups in conjunction with the Continuing Education Committee. Learners discuss a books’ content as it relates to clinical work and larger societal issues that impact both clinician and clients/patients, assist clinicians to competently treat diverse populations, and contribute to furthering social justice as respected members of society. Each discussion group varies in topic, hours and fees. Further information, when available, will be posted on the events page.

School Consultation

Services Provided:

  • Education: Courses and Discussion Groups on emotional growth and development for school directors, teachers or parents.  
  • Consultation: Meeting with school directors, teachers or parents to help children develop their full potential.

We provide a pro bono, volunteer community service as part of our nonprofit mission. Click here to view the brochure.


The Denver Psychoanalytic Society Newsletter was published twice a year. The newsletters are now sent out monthly via email.  If you are interested in a newsletter from 2016 or earlier, please email the Society office.

Study Groups

Interested members form small groups with specific topics.

Society History & Charter Members

The Denver Psychoanalytic Society was organized on April 10, 1962. It was accepted as an Affiliate Society of the American Psychoanalytic Association on May 6, 1962. The charter members were as follows:

John D. Benjamin, M.D., Gaston F. Blum, M.D., Henry H. Brewster, M.D., James F. Dyde, M.D., Julie Eisenbud, M.D., Herbert S. Gaskill, M.D., Laurence B. Hall, M.D, Margaret Hitchman, M.D., Edith B. Jackson, M.D., Sydney G. Margolin, M.D., William M. Shanahan, M.D., Rene A. Spitz, M.D., Brandt F. Steele, M.D., Eleanor A. Steele, M.D.

Society Past Presidents

1962-1963 Rene A. Spitz, M.D.

1963-1964 Brandt F. Steele, M.D.

1964-1965 John D. Benjamin, M.D.

1965-1966 Gaston E. Blom, M.D.

1966-1967 Sydney G. Margolin, M.D.

1967-1968 Laurence B. Hall, M.D.

1968-1970 Eleanor A. Steele, M.D.

1970-1971 Jule Eisenbud, M.D.

1971-1973 Warren S. Kennison, M.D.

1973-1975 Stanley S. Weiss, M.D.

1975-1977 Thomas J. Luparello, M.D.

1977-1979 Jacob G. Jacobson, M.D.

1979-1981 Herbert S. Gaskill, M.D.

1981-1983 Herbert Kritzer, M.D.

1983-1985 William E. Bernstein, M.D.

1985-1987 Richard B. Cattell, M.D.

1987-1989 David M. Hurst, M.D.

1989-1991 Peter Mayerson, M.D.

1991-1993 Gary C. Martin, M.D.

1993-1995 Paula P. Bernstein, Ph.D.

1995-1997 Calvern E. Narcisi, M.D.

1997-1999 Paula P. Bernstein, Ph.D.

1999-2001 Mary Ann Levy, M.D.

2001-2003 Barbara C. Unger, Ph.D.

2003-2005 Cynthia Rose, M.D.

2005-2007 Arthur D. Garfein, M.D.

2007-2009 Randolph W. Pock, M.D.

2009-2011 Ronnie M. Shaw, APRN, BC

2011-2013 Rex H. McGehee, M.D.

2013-2015 Margy Stewart, Psy.D.

2015-2016 Geoff B. Heron, M.D.

2016-2019 Ben Green, M.D.

2019-2021 Margy Stewart, Psy.D.

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