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The Psychoanalytic Referral Service

The Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis educates experienced licensed mental health professionals in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis. The Psychoanalytic Referral Service is an integral part of the Institute’s educational program.

Candidates in training as well as faculty and graduate analysts in private practice will negotiate a reduction in their customary fee for people who lack the financial resources for this intensive treatment. This includes students and individuals with restricted incomes who demonstrate the interest, ability and need to commit to a four or five times a week therapy for several years.

Psychoanalysis is a specialized and effective long-term psychotherapy for a variety of persistent emotional disorders and problems in living. People often seek and benefit from psychoanalysis after experiences with shorter-term therapies and/or medications that have not produced significant change in their personal or relationship problems.

Psychoanalysis focuses on an in-depth examination of all aspects of the person’s subjective experience and inner life. The benefits of psychoanalysis can be transformative: as the patient experiences the positive results of more flexible, adaptive and less reactive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Freud originally defined a treatment success as one’s increased ability to work and love.

While sharing similarities with other psychotherapies, psychoanalysis is uniquely defined by its focus on:

    • The influence of unconscious (outside of direct awareness) processes in the patient’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs
    • The defenses we use to camouflage a fuller awareness of painful experiences and conflicts within ourselves and with others.
    • The significance and meaning of the patient’s past and its influence on the development of personality, relationships and current life problems

There is a several step referral process if you are interested in Psychoanalysis with a Candidate at the Denver Institute:

  1. Please call the chair of the Psychoanalytic Referral Service, Liz Shane, Psy.D. at 303-329-6586 for a brief telephone consultation to answer any questions. Dr. Shane will have the current status of candidates’ needs for training cases or other availability.
  2. There is an evaluation fee for several meetings with the candidate to determine if psychoanalysis is the treatment of choice for your needs. Should it become clear during the evaluation that the person would be best served by another type of treatment, other options will be discussed.
  3. Personal finances will be discussed during the evaluation to determine the fee for these meetings and psychoanalytic therapy sessions. Candidates and analysts will make every effort to negotiate an affordable fee.

Inquiries and consultations are welcome from members of the public and referring professionals.


The Denver Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Outreach Referral Service

The Denver Psychoanalytic Society's Outreach Referral Service offers a referral service for people who are interested in receiving psychodynamic psychotheray but are unable to pay full fee.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a form of talk therapy used to help a person gain increased personal insight and/or gain relief from emotional distress. People usually choose this form of treatment when they have not found answers on their own. Many people seek treatment simply because they desire to know themselves better, or in hopes of becoming more successful in such areas of their lives as love, work, relationships or parenting. Others engage in therapy for a variety of reasons including but not limited to: prolonged sadnes, anxiety, depression, sexual difficulties, interpersonal problems, physical symptoms without physical basis, and persistent feelings of loneliness or emptiness.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy focuses on developing awareness of feelings and thoughts initially outside the person's awareness. It usually helps a person learn to handle difficulties in a more adaptive manner, and it usually results in improved interpersonal relationships, greater satisfaction at work, increased authenticity, and greater insight into thoughts, feelings and behavior.

This kind of treatment is designed for those who believe that therapy may enhance the quality of their lives or help in resolving significant ongoing concerns and problems.

If you are interested in a referral for reduced-fee psychodynamic psychotherapy, contact the Denver Psychoanalytic Society at (303) 724-5455 and leave a voice mail message. A professional from the Outreach Referral Service will contact you to gather some preliminary information.

If it appears we can be of assistance, you will be referred to an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist. You and the psychotherapist will form your own working relationship, collaboratively negotiating the goals of the therapy, the frequency of meetings, the fee, and all other parameters of the treatment. The fee will be scaled to your ability to pay, and may be renegotiated as appropriate during the course of treatment.

All therapists participating in this program are experienced mental health professionals who are licensed within their own discipline and are members of the Denver Psychoanalytic Society.

In the case of an emergency, please dial 911 or visit your local hospital. 

                                             The referral service process takes time and is not intended for immediate care.

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